Couldn’t Get It Right

3 – Couldn’t Get It Right – Climax Blues Band

Lacking a much needed hit for their 1976 album Gold-Plated, the Climax Blues Band at the behest of their record company RCA, conjured up Couldn’t Get It Right from, according to bassist Derek Holt, “absolutely nowhere”. The song was written about being on tour in the US and made it to #10 in the UK singles charts and hit #3 in the US Billboard charts the following year. The band, originating from Stafford, formed in 1968 under the original name of the Climax Chicago Blues Band. In 1972, following pressure from the American band Chicago Transit Authority, they shortened the name to the Climax Blues Band.

Why is it a classic?

Not only does it sound like The Bee Gees, Wall era Pink Floyd and 10cc flirting with Chic style funk but it is more American sounding than the majority of Amercian releases of that year. The likes of Funkadelic and Parliament edge it in terms of sheer funkiness, but the Climax Blues Band managed to capture probably the most infectious groove ever to come out of Stafford!

Year of release – 1976
Highest UK Chart Position – #10

The most recent cover of the song was by Fun Lovin’ Criminals.


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