Loving The Alien


A homage to the legend that is David Bowie comprised of song titles from all his albums.

Feeling Low and full of Sorrow, as The Man Who Sold The World has gone. Fill Your Heart with Shapes of Things, After Today, until Kingdom Come. Time Will Crawl so Hang On To Yourself, Move On and Join The Gang, Because You’re Young. From Station to Station and through Breaking Glass, Changes will happen Outside, nothing is meant to last. It Ain’t Easy, After All, but Everything’s Alright, Here Comes The Night. A Space Oddity; The Prettiest Star will shine Anyway, Anyhow Anywhere as the Diamond Dogs howl in a Moonage Daydream. Where Have All The Good Times Gone? Who Can I Be Now? What’s Really Happening? Is There Life On Mars? Through the Golden Years, Boys Keep Swinging on this Fantastic Voyage. Fashion and Fame, It’s No Game, Day In Day Out, Jump They Say, Don’t Look Down. Little Wonder, Time will heal, and we will be Heroes for one day. Ashes to Ashes, Love Is Lost but You Will Set The World on Fire and Never Get Old. After the Blackout, comes the Slow Burn of a Blackstar which some could call Modern Love. Without You the world is full of Scary Monsters and it feels like we are Always Crashing In the Same Car. Through Sound and Vision to The Next Day you will always Rock ‘N Roll With Me. So Let’s Dance, Oh! You Pretty Things, Tonight!

RIP Starman



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