The birth of a daughter is a truly beautiful thing and to mark this auspicious occasion here are 5 musical namesakes for my little Martha.

The Beatles – ‘Martha My Dear’

Taken from The White Album, this McCartney penned song was supposedly inspired by his Old English Sheepdog, but McCartney later admitted that it was also about his then long term girlfriend Jane Asher.

Martha and The Muffins – ‘Echo Beach’

This was the Canadian band’s only international hit and was released in 1980. Echo Beach itself is a fictitious place, with inspiration for it coming from Sunnyside Beach on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Martha and The Vandellas – ‘Dancing in the Street’

The all American female group were part of Berry Gordy’s successful Motown stable. They had a string of hits in the 60s and early 70s. The Martha of the group was Martha Reeves who became the lead vocalist after Gloria Williams’ departure in 1962.

All About Eve – ‘Martha’s Harbour’

This was a hit for the band in 1988 and has since become their signature song. In the synth pop 80s it stood out as a very different track, with its combination of Julianne Regan’s vocal, acoustic guitar and backing sound effects of the sea.

Tom Waits -‘Martha’

This was a track written in 1973 from Wait’s debut album ‘Closing Time’. The lyrics describe the singer-songwriter making a long distance call to an old flame and declaring that he still loves her. The song was later covered by Tim Buckley on his album ‘Sefronia’.

And this is what Martha’s chosen song lyrics make in cloud form: