Introducing: Chartreuse

Birmingham 4-piece Chartreuse are a band hotly tipped for great things in 2015. Playing a few support gigs at the tail end of 2014 at venues such as The Rainbow, Bull’s Head and Sunflower Lounge, they describe themselves on Facebook as an Indie/soul/pop band.

They first came to my attention at this year’s Oxjam Brum, where they took the 9pm slot and piqued everyone’s interest for the proceeding 30 mins. Combining subtle shades of the more alternative end of Britpop (Salad, Sleeper, Echobelly) with a certain woozy ethereality, the band produce a sound that both swells and delights, with Harriet Rose Wilson’s vocals flowing through it like liqueur.

Named in Brum Notes list of Ones to Watch in 2015, this is a home grown band that are going to quickly rise to the surface and successfully transition from support act to main event.

In a nutshell…

Brum 4-piece that combine the subtle hues of alternative Britpop with flowered up soul.